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Training and skills
Narration Coach - Johnny Heller
MFA - Old Globe Theatre / USD
British RP, London, Scottish, Irish, Russian, French, German
US Regional Dialects:
Northern (Minnesota/Wisconsin), Southern, Texas, New Jersey, Californian

My greatest strengths as a narrator are my versatility with character voices, my proficiency with dialects, and my collaborative spirit; as it is another's world I bring to life, I always want to remain true to that. On top of that, I simply love sharing stories.


I am a character actor to the core. I love all things "other". Otherworldly, Monsters, Magic, Mystery... the things that dwell in shadows and green places. I thrive on change. New experiences, new places, new people, new opportunities to learn. I LOVE to travel. And someday my husband and I would love to run a "Beer, Bed & Breakfast" in Scotland, called The Grizzly Dragon, as I am from California and he is from Wales.


I currently work from my home studio in the "Stepford" suburbs of Texas.

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