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 MFA - Old Globe Theatre / USD
BS Theatre - The University of Evansville
British RP, London, Scottish, Irish, Russian, French, German
US Regional Dialects:
Northern (Minnesota/Wisconsin), Southern, Texas, New Jersey, Californian
Coaching - Johnny Heller, Shannon Elizabeth Parks, PJ Ochlan
Spring 2021 Deyan Institute Masterclass

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Me In A Nut Shell

My Mom once asked me "Why do you try so hard to be funny, wouldn't you rather be pretty?"...

Well, I told her! ...


Okay so honestly I haven't come up with a great answer for that, other than I love to make people laugh. I love to laugh myself... I love to laugh AT myself... there is always something to laugh about!

I didn't always laugh. I had my time as a broody actor... but brooding gets lonely and laughter is something that is easily shared. When it comes to my work, my art, my family, and my friends, I strive to take the work and the relationships seriously, rather than myself. 

Freshmen year at University, my acting teacher told me "Zura, you are going to have a great career when you are in your forties!" ... As a broody, high-strung nineteen-year-old I had no idea what to do with that prospect. Well. I studied and I worked. I made all sorts of art. I met a pretty swell pirate (sailor... pirate just sounds more fun). We got married. Had a couple of gorgeous babies. Traveled the world. Lived overseas! ... And now I am in my forties ... Full of stories ... And ready to work!