My voice has set me apart for my entire life... in a good way. Although, at the age of four my mother took me to several doctors as she was sure there was something wrong with me. I suppose it's a shock when your darling girl speaks in a husky baritone at four years old...


I grew up in Northern California. Every year for our birthdays and Christmas my brothers and I looked forward to new audiobooks from our parents. We had everything from Wind in the Willows and Treasure Island, to Watership Down and the full BBC Radio Drama of Star Wars. In those days audiobooks were on cassette tapes and we wore them out listening to them! Once, when I was six, my family was driving to Yosemite in our '71 Volkswagen Bus. We didn't have any audiobooks with us, so I recited the entirety of Alice Through the Looking Glass from memory. My parents then decided it was time to introduce me to the theatre...

I attended the University of Evansville where I received my B.S. in Theatre ( yeah... they offer a B.S. in theatre...). I received my M.F.A. from the Old Globe Theatre/ USD Advanced Training Program. After spending nearly 20 years on the stage, I was thrilled to start working in VO.


I worked primarily in Commercial, Corporate, E-Learning, and Documentary Narration while looking after my littles and living overseas, working with many of the top recording studios throughout Singapore. I also regularly worked with MediaCorp Radio in their commercial department, recording commercial copy. I was a staple for internal corporate work at SAP, and I had the distinct pleasure of narrating a documentary for NatGeo Asia as well as voicing multiple characters in a pilot for a local animated series.


When my family returned to the US in 2017 the culture shock between Singapore and Texas was more than a little overwhelming. I wanted to do something new. I missed storytelling, I missed acting! I reached out to a dear friend from undergrad, and she has helped me find my way into audiobooks, working with ACX and several independent audiobook publishing houses. It has been amazing. It’s like coming home...

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